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See the lyrics of your favorite songs while listening to them


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musiXmatch Lyrics Player is an application that, combined with the music of your device, gives you the possibility to read the lyrics of all your favorite songs directly from the screen of your Android device.

The application has the lyrics of more than seven million songs, so it makes it easy to find the lyrics of practically every song you are interested in.

The application is really simple: you play a song, activate the reading of the lyrics and you will directly see an image of the respective band or song, with the lyrics appearing. That way, in theory, you can even do karaoke from the device.

musiXmatch Lyrics Player is completely compatible with lots of music applications for Android like Winamp, Google Music, WIMP, bTunes, Archos Music Player or Spotify. You can listen to music through these applications and even then keep playing the lyrics from the app.

musiXmatch Lyrics Player is a very useful tool for all music lovers that will be able to enjoy the lyrics of all their favorite songs from a clean and comfortable interface.
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